Big Day, Big Deal! (Or, How It Took Me Nearly 6 Years to Get Another Book Contract)

I signed my book contract today: I’m officially a member of the HarperCollins family again!

It’s funny how dreams rarely manifest the way you initially envisioned them. After publishing my second book Confessions of a Beauty Addict in 2009, I spent YEARS working on a few different manuscripts. My first stab was a book called The Glossy Posse (which later evolved into a work called Clementine and Olivia), about two half-sisters (one in Palm Beach, one in London) who meet for the first time after their wealthy English father dies. Since I was fresh off the polo circuit, naturally it featured lots of horses, Hooray Harrys for days, a fair share of entitled billionaires, stately homes that make the one on Downton Abbey look small, and alcoholics aplenty. (I was going through a big Jilly Cooper phase.)

New Beginnings

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about new beginnings. So much has happened in my life in the past 12 months–hell, the past 12 days!–that I’m not yet able to publicly talk about. For many people, this might not be the worst thing in the world, but for a chronic over-sharer like me, it’s torture. Being unable to share–not just trumpet the good, but also work through the bad–feels like being gagged. There’s a flip side, however: it forces me to dig deep, evaluate things privately, talk Erik’s ear off, and work through things offline–you know, in the real world, not just the digital one.

I’ve written at length the past few months about my blogging discontent, the decisions I’ve made to change it, and my excitement over finally relaunching this site (Today! Welcome!). Because of said happenings, I’m not able to post daily for the time being, a trend I see continuing into 2015. At first, this panicked me, but then I realized it would likely be a good thing. Rather than spinning my wheels, posting about this beauty launch and that pretty celeb (things you can discuss more economically on Twitter), all because…well, that’s what a beauty blogger is supposed to write about…

I can write about what I WANT to write about.

From the Archives: Papa, je t’aime

I've written at length about my mom, Nancy, but haven't given much space to Papa Jolie, who's obviously shaped and influenced my life in so many wonderful ways.  My Concorde-flying, multi-lingual, international-man-of-intrigue daddy was profoundly bad ass, but that's another story for another medium--the easy merci comes from the importance my foreign father placed on culture, ...

Creative Renewal: Nadine Jolie Courtney coming October 27!

Since I took Erik’s last name back in March, I’ve been going by Nadine Courtney in the “real” world, and Nadine Jolie Courtney as my pen name. Despite having my new last name on my outgoing email signature, on my business cards, and on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, people still insist on addressing, emailing, and signing me in as Nadine Jolie. Old habits die hard. I get it. But this year has been all about growing up and evolving, so I’m excited for the site–soon to be–to grow and evolve with me.