Dior J’Adore The Future is Gold Commercial Starring Charlize Theron

Christian Dior has released a new commercial for its J’Adore Dior fragrance, starring long-time face Charlize Theron. It’s equally mesmerizing and schlocky, full of perfume ad cliches: long legs strutting down an ornately-decorated hallway, heavily-makeuped eyes smoldering, breathy voiceover, melodic Euro-trance music. Watch it here.

Ramble: Taxes, Book Edits, YouTube, Oh My!

There’s very little that’s more obnoxious than somebody complaining, “Oh, I’m SO busy!”
Really? You’re busy?

I’m busy, we’re all busy. We live in a busy world. Busy is the rule. Busy is nothing special.

But…but…I just need you to understand that I’m VERY busy at the moment. I’m working on even more book edits, am up against a tax deadline on Saturday (yes, that’s right–we delayed our taxes until October yet again), and have been redecorating the apartment. (Among other things. Ohhhh, so many other things.)

Friends and family keep calling and texting, wondering where the hell I am. Meanwhile, I haven’t had an opportunity to post here these past few days–which is a shame, because there’s much I want to discuss…

Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Miami

When I was a kid, I loved going to Miami. My grandmother had an apartment on Brickell Avenue which overlooked the water and all the other high-rise condos, and we’d go with my mother into Key Biscayne for lunch to see where they used to live. It was inevitably hot as hell, and my grandmother wouldn’t always make the most politically-correct comments–in that cringey, IDGAF-way that old people have–but being with family in the place my mother grew up felt so special.

Lo and behold, Erik is from Miami, too! Since we’re such a baby relationship (feels weird to remember that, since I feel like we’ve been with each other for decades), our trip there this summer was our first time visiting together. While planning our South Florida stay, there was one hotel he mentioned over and over: The Biltmore.