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May 24th, 2010

The Bachelorette with Ali premieres tonight!

It’s back!  Tonight is the premiere of the latest installation of The Bachelorette, starring Ali Fedotowski from last season’s Bachelor (On the Wings of Loooove!) with pilot Jake Pavelka. After about 763 different seasons, you know the drill by now: Ali has 25 hot guys to choose from, will make out with half of them, […]

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March 2nd, 2010

The Bachelor Finale: What did you think?

Let’s be honest: I watched it, you watched it, we all watched it.  Bachelor Jake chose bad girl Vienna over Disney Princess Tenley, and America wept. Oh, and then they played “On the Wings Of Love.”   A-freaking-mazing. The outcome of the season was ruined from the beginning by spoiler site Reality Steve–and yet I […]

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January 12th, 2010

The Bachelor Scandal

Who saw The Bachelor (Onnnn the Wings Of Looove!) last night?!  What are your thoughts on what really went down? There was some sort of “inappropriate relationship” that most-beautiful-Bachelorette-ever Rozlyn appeared not to deny (although the devil is in the editing, as always), but I’m putting my Bill Clinton hat on here and need to […]

January 4th, 2010

“The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” premieres tonight!

That’s right, kids.  It’s time once again for ladies and hot tubs and vino and people who are “not in it for the right reasons,” and…of course…roses.  It’s Bachelor time! First of all, I can’t believe ABC went there with that name (“On the Wings of Love” = cheesetastic!), but I suppose by now we […]

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